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12 Ağustos 2020  

Stop Azerbaijan`s attack on Armenia! -

Stop Azerbaijan`s attack on Armenia!


The people of Armenia are at great risk due to the aggression of Azerbaijan. Here's what's going on, why it is important, and how you can help!

Conflict in the Armenian-Azerbaijani border has been ongoing for years, however on July 12, Azerbaijani soldiers attempted to capture the locality of the Armenian border nearby Tavush (a violation of the state border of Armenia). This attempt ended in failure, with two Azerbaijani soldiers dead, few injured, and the need to retreat. This event has caused an outbreak of conflict between the Azerbaijani and Armenian people, and each country's militia. Since this first attack, Azerbaijan continued to attack Armenia in several ways such as: bombing an Armenian mask company, taking Armenian citizen Narek Sardaryan hostage (this is breaking international law), and firing mortars on Armenian village, Chinari, causing damage to homes. Additionally, Azerbaijani's went on protest and urged for war against the Republic of Armenia, while insisting to take over the Armenian capital, Yerevan, and Armenian city Shushi. Furthermore, the clashing of the Armenian and Azerbaijani militias resulted in 16 casualties on both sides.

Additionally, racism has taken part due to these attacks, as Azerbaijani protesters in cities such as Moscow chant words/phrases of hate speech such as "Death to the Armenian", causing endangerment to Armenian people throughout the world. To ensure the safety of the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian people, please sign this petition to get US Congress alerted to get involved and put a stop to Azerbaijan's aggression toward Armenia. Additionally, speak up about what is happening between Armenia and Azerbaijan so the public is aware of what is happening. Since the Armenian Genocide (Turkey's attempt to wipe out the Armenian people in hopes to pursue "Islamization" and "Turkification" in 1915), the Armenian people deserve to know that the world is on their side and will not allow any harm done to them as it was done in 1915. Since the world is in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the media has no focus on this issue, so it is vital that word gets out about this conflict in order to ease tensions and to stop the beginning of a war between the countries of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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