Pope Francis prays for Lebanon, Belarus at Sunday Angelus - English
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17 Ağustos 2020  

Pope Francis prays for Lebanon, Belarus at Sunday Angelus -

Pope Francis prays for Lebanon, Belarus at Sunday Angelus Pope Francis prays for Lebanon, Belarus at Sunday Angelus

At the Angelus on Sunday, Pope Francis remembers all those who are suffering around the world, praying in particular for the people of Lebanon and Belarus.

In his greetings following the Angelus on Sunday morning, Pope Francis said he is continuing to pray for Lebanon, and also remembering in prayer “the many other situations in the world that are causing great suffering to people.”

“My thoughts also go to the dear [country of] Belarus,” the Pope said. “I am following attentively the post-electoral situation in that country.” Pope Francis called for “dialogue, the rejection of violence, respect for justice and rights” in Belarus as mass protests continue to take place following last week’s disputed presidential election.

“I entrust all of Belarus to the Our Lady, Queen of Peace.”

Charity and closeness during the summer holidays

Referring to the customary Italian vacation period centered around the feast of the Assumption, Pope Francis noted that the summer holidays can be a time “to reinvigorate the body, but also the spirit through moments dedicated to prayer, to silence, and to soothing contact with the beauty of nature, a gift of God.”

However, the Pope said, while we enjoy our vacation, we cannot forget the problems stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic. In particular, he drew attention “to the many families that don’t have work, who have lost their jobs, and who have nothing to eat.”

And he expressed his hope that even holidays might be marked by charity and by closeness to these families.

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