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14 Aralık 2020  

Armenian Word Search Book Released -

Armenian Word Search Book Released Armenian Word Search Book Released

Armenian Word Search, a new book by Southern California Armenian women Stella Kientz and Lisa Kradjian, has been published.

Armenian Word Search is for people of all ages interested in the Armenian language. The searches are predominantly in Western Armenian, on a variety of topics including food, culture, geography and more. The book is appropriate for beginners and experts alike.

The authors have been friends for 25 years from Armenian church youth group days. They got the idea from talking about Kientz’s mother who enjoys doing word searches daily. They decided it would be a great idea to create an Armenian word search that their Armenian relatives and friends could enjoy, young and old. They focused on words that are pure Armenian, but there are some words with other related origins from surrounding regions.

“We thought it would be a wonderful way to keep our Armenian language alive. This book helps all ages of people keep up with their Armenian language—or learn it for the first time,” the authors said. “We hope it is an educational and entertaining book for the Armenian community—and beyond.”

Kientz is a registered nurse who works in regulatory, accreditation and licensing at Kaiser Permanente in Southern California. She grew up in the Armenian church, attended Armenian school until junior high and is fluent in Western Armenian. Kradjian is an author and playwright who resides in San Diego and has been involved in the Armenian community and church since childhood and in various leadership roles.

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