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18 Şubat 2021  

​Azerbaijani forces continue firing near Armenian villages – Ombudsman -

​Azerbaijani forces continue firing near Armenian villages – Ombudsman ​Azerbaijani forces continue firing near Armenian villages – Ombudsman

Azerbaijani servicemen continue firing from small and large-caliber weapons in the immediate vicinity of the villages of Kapan community, Armenia’s Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan said after a visit to the region.

According to him, the shootings are regular, both during the day and at night.

“They are clearly and unmistakably heard in the villages, causing anxiety, first of all to women and children,” he said.

The Ombudsman says that due to the process of “determining” the borders between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the pastures, the private and community arable lands of the Kapan villages are being targeted by the Azerbaijani armed forces.

At the same time, he says, the Azerbaijani servicemen are at such a distance (even less than 1 km) that the lands of the Armenian villagers are visible to the naked eye. In other words, they are clearly observing these civilians carrying out their daily chores and the agricultural work on their lands

The findings registered during the visit are being summarized by the Human Rights Defender’s Office. Proposals will be submitted to the competent state bodies, and if necessary, clarifications will be sought to address each of the matters.

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