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25 Şubat 2021  

​Spotify to launch in Armenia over the next few days -

​Spotify to launch in Armenia over the next few days ​Spotify to launch in Armenia over the next few days

Audio streaming and media services provider Spotify will launch in Armenia over the next few days, Variety reports.

The company on Monday unveiled plans to launch in 85 new markets, areas that represent more than 1 billion potential new listeners.

The company made the announcement Monday at its Stream On event for creators and partners.

The 85 new markets span Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. In addition, Spotify now supports more than 60 languages natively, after adding native support for 36 new languages.

Currently, Spotify is available in 93 markets, after the company officially launched in South Korea, the world’s sixth-largest music market, on Feb. 1.

According to Spotify, its full global music catalog will be available in each of the new markets and the entire podcast catalog will be available in the majority of them.

In each new market, “we will work with local creators and partners to expand our music offerings and deliver a Spotify experience that meets the unique needs of each market,” Spotify said.

Spotify will make Free and Premium plans available across all the markets. Consumers in select markets will be able to subscribe to individual, family, duo and student plan subscription options.

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