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16 Mart 2021  

​Bronze statue of a boy stolen from Yerevan-2800 Park -

​Bronze statue of a boy stolen from Yerevan-2800 Park ​Bronze statue of a boy stolen from Yerevan-2800 Park

Police are currently looking for the people involved in stealing a statue of boy from the central Yerevan park dedicated to the 2800th anniversary of the capital city. The statue was apparently taken on the night of March 15. Before their action, the thieves have diverted the surveillance camera on the spot, however, the car that allegedly transported the vandals was caught on camera on the crossrod of Beirut and Italy streets.

Apart from the statue, the thieves have stoled construction equipment worth 5,000USD belonging to a company that carried out construction works near Alexandr Myasnikyan monument. A criminal case was instituted at the Central division of Yerevan Police Department. Investigative actions are underway.

To note, Yerevan-2800 Park was built by the Vardanyan Family charity foundation with financing provided by Mikayel and Karen Vardanyans. Dedicated to the 2800th anniversary of Yerevan, the park is owned by the Yerevan community, In addition to construction, the Foundation covers the costs of care and maintenance for the park.

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