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23 Nisan 2021  

Azerbaijani Forces Fire at Artsakh Civilians -

Azerbaijani Forces Fire at Artsakh Civilians Azerbaijani Forces Fire at Artsakh Civilians

Russian peacekeeping forces stationed in Artsakh

Artsakh’s Foreign Ministry on Thursday condemned Azerbaijani forces for firing at Armenian civilian positions, adding that through its continued aggression Baku wants to ‘torpedo’ the Russian peacekeeping mission, in place since the end of military actions in Karabakh.

“On April 20, the armed forces of Azerbaijan, in gross violation of the November 9, 2020 trilateral statement, opened fire, targeting the Artsakh capital, Stepanakert, as well as the Shosh and Mkhitarashen villages in the Askeran region,” said an statement issued by the Artsakh Foreign Ministry, which also reported that the shots fired damaged a residential unit in Stepanakert.

“The Artsakh Foreign Ministry strongly condemns the provocative and aggressive actions of the enemy aimed at creating an atmosphere of fear and defenselessness among the citizens of Artsakh, as well as torpedoing the peacekeeping mission of the Russian Federation,” said the statement.

“The attacks on Armenian cars, the targeting of villagers working in the fields, the subversive penetration and vandalism in the territory of the Tank-Monument on the Shushi-Stepanakert highway, the destruction of Armenian historical and cultural monuments, and numerous other hostile actions by the Azerbaijani side are the result of the anti-Armenian and fascist policy pursued at a state level in Azerbaijan,” added the statement.

“Any attempt to intimidate the people of Artsakh is doomed to fail and it can in no way undermine our determination to live freely in our homeland,” the Artsakh Foreign Ministry said.

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