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14 Temmuz 2021  

​Hraparak: Azerbaijanis `selling` Armenian currency after Karabakh war -

​Hraparak: Azerbaijanis `selling` Armenian currency after Karabakh war ​Hraparak: Azerbaijanis `selling` Armenian currency after Karabakh war

After last year’s war in Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh), active discussions were going on over the Armenian national currency left in the banks of Shushi.

The cash-in-transit vehicles observed on the approaches of town on November 9 - two days before the conclusion of the Russia-brokered truce - gave most Armenians kind of assurances that money assets were being transferred more diligently than works of art, says the paper, citing recent reports that Azerbaijanis are now actively engaged in the realization of the assets, offering 100,000 US Dollars per 100,000 Armenian Drams.

A source which talked to a correspondent of Hraparak said it was not about large amounts of money, with the proposal having been made by servicemen who were in control of the town of Hadrut. A week later, however, those interested were reportedly told that the offer was no longer in place. It later turned out that they had bought food and other necessities from the stores of Artsakh with the help of several Russians.

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