​Levon Aronian dedicates win to Armenian heroes - English
28 Mart 2023 - Հակական տոմար - Տարի : 4515 / Ամիս : Արեգ / Օր : Սիմ / Ժամ : Խաւարակ

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23 Kasım 2021  

​Levon Aronian dedicates win to Armenian heroes -

​Levon Aronian dedicates win to Armenian heroes ​Levon Aronian dedicates win to Armenian heroes

GM Levon Aronian has dedicated his recent win at Tata Steel Chess Blitz in Kolkata to Armenian heroes.

“At this moment, like every Armenian in the world, my thoughts are with my country, and I look forward to the day when my nation will be able to live in peace, rebuild, and regroup everything we value,” Aronian said in a Facebook post.

“I want to dedicate my victory to Armenia, to all my compatriots, to those who fell on the battlefield for Artsakh and Armenia, to those who lived and fought for our nation. I dedicate my victory to all our heroes, our brave sisters and mothers,” Levon continued.

“As long as we believe նած stand firmly on our feet, we are immortal,” he concluded.

On Sunday, Levon Aronian beat Arjun Erigaisi in the Armageddon Playoffs to win Tata Steel Chess India 2021 Blitz.

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