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03 Şubat 2022  

​Noubar Afeyan, Ruben Vardanyan call for uniting efforts to advance science in Armenia -

​Noubar Afeyan, Ruben Vardanyan call for uniting efforts to advance science in Armenia ​Noubar Afeyan, Ruben Vardanyan call for uniting efforts to advance science in Armenia

The Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST) is hosting its inaugural fundraiser Advance Armenia Gala 2022 - to support the ADVANCE STEM Research program providing competitive research opportunities to 10 research teams and up to 50 local scientists. FAST marks its 5th anniversary with the Gala that will take place on March 31, 2022, in Los Angeles, CA, with the aim to build network capacity and unite enthusiastic Armenians over the idea of building innovative Armenia.

The evening's keynote speaker is Dr. Noubar Afeyan, Co-Founder of FAST, Co-Founder and Chairman of Moderna, Inc.

“We founded the Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST) in 2017 with the belief that Armenia’s prosperity and sustainable future lie in the advancement of science and technology. Since then, FAST has taken steps to help transform the education, science, and technology ecosystem in Armenia, including through its ADVANCE STEM grant program, which is actively bringing top-notch STEM expertise to elevate Armenia as a technological and scientific hub for discoveries”, wrote Noubar Afeyan on his Linkedin page.

The ADVANCE STEM Research grant program connects the prominent international scientists with the local researchers to form new research groups and work jointly on globally competitive research projects. FAST and its partners ensure comprehensive long-term institutional and financial support for the salaries of local researchers, capacity building activities, travel costs, laboratory supporting materials, publications in journals, patenting costs, etc.

Co-founder of FAST, entrepreneur, and investor Ruben Vardanyan also spread the word about the Advance Armenia Gala on his social media accounts. He highlighted the importance of consolidating the efforts of all Armenians and working together to boost Armenia’s innovation potential. “I believe that the Diaspora should take a significant role in transforming the future of Armenia by being actively involved in various projects aimed at fostering the advancement of Armenian science and technology", noted Ruben Vardanyan.

“By taking part in the Advance Armenia Gala, you will support fundamental scientific research and contribute to the development of a strong Armenia”, said Artur Alaverdyan, co-founder of FAST, engineer-physicist, serial entrepreneur and tech-investor.

Many joined the movement, including Lord Ara Darzi from the UK, Dr. Yuri Oganessian from Russia, Dr. Naira Hovakimyan from Illinois, Drs. Mary Papazian and David Yang from Silicon Valley, Dr. Garo Antranikian from Germany, Serj Churuk from France, Hovhannes Avoyan from Armenia, and Dr. Armen Orujyan from Los Angeles as the organization’ Founding CEO.

Armenian famous footballer Henrikh Mkhitaryan from AS Roma donated two of his signed jerseys for the event's silent auction. World-known rock musician, System of a Down frontman, activist Serj Tankian is among the supporters of Advance Armenia Gala too.

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