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18 Şubat 2022  

Baku Tells UN to ‘Fight Illegal Armenian Fundraising’; ARF, ANCA Become Target -

Baku Tells UN to ‘Fight Illegal Armenian Fundraising’; ARF, ANCA Become Target Baku Tells UN to ‘Fight Illegal Armenian Fundraising’; ARF, ANCA Become Target

A you girl plays in Baku's macabre "Trophy Park" that displays "trophies" collected from dead Armenian soldiers

Azerbaijan’s foreign ministry has urged the international community to take legal action for what it calls “the illegal” fundraising by the Armenian diaspora, which it says is aimed at “undermining Azerbaijan’s sovereignty.” Baku’s latest vitriolic campaign has created another opportunity for Azerbaijanis to take aim at the Armenian Revolutionary Federation and the Armenian National Committee of America.

“The [Azerbaijani] Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on all UN member states to take effective countermeasures in the framework of their international obligations in regards to organizations registered in their territories and engaged in such illegal activities against the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan,” the ministry said in a statement on Wednesday, reported the website.

Azerbaijan has released a submitted an official document to the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council called, “Armenia’s misuse of non-profit organizations and charities for corruption, money laundering, and terrorist financing.”

In it it accuses the Armenian government of organizing “illegal fundraising campaign through Armenian Diaspora organization operation in various countries under the guise of humanitarian aid” during the 44-Day War.

The document claims that the “funds raised through these campaigns were used to finance terrorist activities against Azerbaijan’s civilian population within its sovereign territories.”

“The report, prepared on the basis of statements by Armenian government officials and data from Armenian public sources, states that during the ‘Patriotic War’ alone, organizations of the Armenian diaspora living in 73 countries collected more than $170 million, of which $110 million were transferred to the state budget of Armenia to cover military expenses. This fact was reflected in the speech of the Prime Minister of Armenia on April 21, 2021 to the Armenian Parliament on the implementation of the state budget for 2020,” the ministry stressed.

The announcement targets the “Hayastan All Armenian Fund” for organizing and managing and the fund continues these activities even after the November 10, 2020, trilateral ceasefire deal signed by the Azerbaijani, Russian and Armenian leaders.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs declares that such activity, directed against the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Azerbaijan and creating illegal financial flows to its territory, is a gross violation of the national legislation not only of Azerbaijan but also of those countries in which the relevant organizations of the Armenian diaspora are registered, as well as existing international obligations in the field of combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism,” the report emphasized.

There has been no immediate reaction from Armenia’s authorities, including the “Hayastan All-Armenia Fund” or the office of the High Commissioner of Diaspora Affairs.

This latest announcement by Baku paved the way for Azernews and others to attack the ARF and ANCA accusing the two organizations of inciting “provocations against Azerbaijan.”

It should be noted that the 44-day war in 2020 not only defeated the Armenian army, but also the Armenian diaspora.

To make its case, Azernews quotes the notorious pro-Azerbaijan former U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Matthew Bryza, who last year also attended the opening of Baku’s grotesque and macabre “Trophy Park,” where objects collected from dead Armenian soldiers are being displayed as “trophies” from the battlefield.

“ANCA does not want to see a settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, which would reduce the organization’s ability to raise money from donors,” Bryza was quoted as saying in 2018.

Calling the ANCA “the most toxic diaspora organization,” Azernews accuses the advocacy group of promoting “decades of Armenia’s war crimes, its occupation, and ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijan’s lands, advocating against peace in Karabakh.”

“ANCA unites the most radical nationalists building up hatred towards Azerbaijan and Turkey as a way to ensure political and financial support for themselves,” the news agency said.

Labeling the ARF as a “radical and expansionist group” and calling the ANCA its “hate club,” the news outlet accuses the two of making “baseless land claims towards Turkey and Azerbaijan. The diaspora cares less about Armenians in Armenia, it focuses on hating Turkey and Azerbaijan. It is actively involved in the anti-Turkish and anti-Azerbaijani misinformation campaigns.”

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