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22 Temmuz 2022  

​Gyumri getting ready for tourism boom ahead of festivals -

​Gyumri getting ready for tourism boom ahead of festivals ​Gyumri getting ready for tourism boom ahead of festivals

Before that, the second largest city of Armenia will also host a Beer Festival on August 20.

Guest homes and hotels are already being booked by many tourists.

Gyumri Mayor Vardges Samsonyan told ARMENPRESS that his city has become a tourism center over the past years, but there’s still a lot to be done, such as solving the unemployment issues, repairing roads and resolving the makeshift shelter issue.

Currently large-scale road construction works are underway, with 22 streets included in subvention programs this year.

As part of the subvention program, the city is implementing a thermal insulation program of buildings in the districts of Ani and Mush. The renovation of the garden near the station and the plaza is nearing completion.

14 apartments will be renovated and donated to homeless families – those who live in makeshift shelters.

A new kindergarten is also being built in the city.

Works are implemented in the city also with funds from the World Bank, the EBRD and the KfW.

Various private companies are already constructing hotels and apartments. “We have many offers, many are interested in the prospects of building hotels in various parts of Gyumri, and we really need new hotels, the demand is seen especially during holidays and festivals,” the mayor said.

There are still nearly 2700 makeshift shelters/structures in Gyumri. But 500 of them are vacant, the mayor said.

In terms of solving the unemployment issue, the mayor said some businesses have brought forward proposals and the City Hall has offered to support in providing spaces.

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