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13 Nisan 2023  

168.am: Who is the Azerbaijani already rendered ineffective in Armenia? What does he say in video? -

168.am: Who is the Azerbaijani already rendered ineffective in Armenia? What does he say in video? 168.am: Who is the Azerbaijani already rendered ineffective in Armenia? What does he say in video?

New details have become known about the Azerbaijani who was found a few hours ago by the youth of Achanan village of Syunik Province, and who had crossed the border of Armenia with his friend and was being sought for three days.

It was found out that after killing the security guard of the maintenance station of the Zangezur Copper-Molybdenum Combine pipeline, this Azerbaijani had livestreamed on the smartphone of this security guard, and the respective video has already been disseminated.

At around 6:30pm on Wednesday, the police received a call from the Kapan city medical center, informing that an ambulance team was dispatched to the Zangezur Copper-Molybdenum Combine pipeline maintenance guard post in the Shgharshik-Banavan enlarged community, where they found a man's dead body.

And today, information was disseminated that the aforesaid murder was committed by the second Azerbaijani who infiltrated the settlements of the Sisian city of Armenia.

"They came through Nakhichevan, reached the mountain on the right side above Vahanavank, and the murder took place in Shgharshik settlement," said a source of 168.am.

According to this source, after committing the murder, this Azerbaijani took the smartphone of the murdered custodian of the Zangezur Copper-Molybdenum Combine, went livestream on that phone, threatened the Armenians, and left with no trouble. There are reports that he passed through Kovsakan to the Armenian territories occupied by Azerbaijan.

"I announce to the whole world. I swear in the name of the only God, in the name of the God who created us. We have come, arrived [in] Armenia. We shed the blood of Armenians. We have beheaded 400-500 Armenians. Even now we are still alive, we are not dead. God willing, we will not die. And even if we die, forgive our sins. We are not traitors to the motherland, we are the guardians of the dignity of the motherland," this Azerbaijani said in the livestream video.

It was this Azerbaijani who was caught near Kapan city a little while ago.

And Gor Abrahamyan, spokesperson of the Investigative Committee of Armenia, had written as follows on Facebook today: "At the moment, we have not received any information through investigation that the crime was committed by Azerbaijanis. If, beyond speculation, some people may have known, certain information about the perpetrators of the crime in general, then they can and are obligated to report [it] to the body conducting the proceedings."

According to the statement of the Ministry of Defense (MOD) of Armenia, on Monday between 1am and 2am, a serviceman of the armed forces of Azerbaijan was found and detained in the territory of Armenia. There was another soldier with him, and the search for him continued for three days.

Azerbaijani media, citing the MOD of that country, had reported the disappearance of two Azerbaijani servicemen. It was said that they had gotten lost in the direction of Nakhichevan due to bad weather and low visibility.

These Azerbaijanis were in Bnunis village of Syunik Province, and they had knocked on the door of a local resident’s house. The first detained Azerbaijani was found in Ashotavan village.

Local residents told that these Azerbaijanis had knocked on the door of a local resident’s house for a long time, the landlady had opened the door, seen masked soldiers, closed the door, and called the police. The Azerbaijani, who was caught by the locals, was in civilian clothes.

Bununis and Ashotavan villages are quite far, about 20km away, from the Azerbaijani positions,.

Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan had stated in parliament Wednesday that according to the information they have, the second Azerbaijani soldier had said in the border village not long after crossing the border that he had regretted it and wanted to return.

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