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27 Nisan 2023  

Smyrna, My Beloved SOON on Netflix -

Smyrna, My Beloved SOON on Netflix Smyrna, My Beloved SOON on Netflix

Following the success of Maestro, Smyrna, My Beloved will be the next Greek production to be shown on Netflix.

The well-known subscription platform has been in contact for several months with Tanweer, the production company of the Greek film in which Mimi Denisi stars, which is a sign of the great desire to include her in its workforce.

According to Mikro Fwno, the contracts have already been signed with the major streaming company, and the announcement of the start date of its projection is expected. In this way, "Smyrna, My Beloved, becomes the next film to be included in the streaming platforms library.

The series Maestro by Christoforos Papakaliatis became the first Greek series to be included on the popular platform.

The said film has been successfully screened in cinemas in the US and Australia while the production company is in negotiations to screen it in cinemas in China and Russia.

Finally, with regard to Netflix, it seems that there will be two options for viewing the film, namely in Greek with subtitles and dubbed.

It is noteworthy that at this time Mimi Denisi is in negotiations for the projection of the continuation of "Smyrna, My Beloved," with next season focussing on their life in Thessaloniki after their uprooting from Asia Minor.

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