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02 Aralık 2023  

Newspaper: Armenia national air carrier suspending flights -

Newspaper: Armenia national air carrier suspending flights Newspaper: Armenia national air carrier suspending flights

Zhoghovurd newspaper of Armenia writes: According to the information of Zhoghovurd daily, a decision will be made in the period between December 2 and 4 that the Fly Arna air carrier company will no longer operate flights from Armenia. According to our information, there is a very serious problem related to the organizational and financial issues of the company.

Our sources convey that when this air carrier came to the [civil aviation] field [of Armenia] and began to operate, Davit Papazyan was the director of Fly Arna company during that period. He employed various people without proper specialization, giving them major positions and high salaries. This company received state funds, for which the organization was inspected by the State Control Service; all documents and obvious violations were taken, submitted to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. And it is precisely because of this that serious disagreements have arisen, and Pashinyan has made a decision that it would be better if this company does not operate a flight.

The failure of this company is connected also with Yerevan's mayor Tigran Avinyan, as he was a mediator for this company to carry out flights in Armenia.

This issue is being discussed in a very heated way among the NA [(National Assembly)] CC [i.e. ruling majority Civil Contract Faction] MPs, and everyone is looking for culprits.

Let us also add that the company received state registration from Armenian National Airlines CJSC on December 10, 2021 and is represented by the “Fly Arna” brand. According to the state registry, the airline has 3 shareholders, but presents itself as a national carrier.

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