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12 Temmuz 2024 - Հակական տոմար - Տարի : 4516 / Ամիս : Հրոտից / Օր : Անի / Ժամ : Խաւարակ

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10 Mart 2024  

Ladaniva to Represent Armenia at Eurovision 2024 -

Ladaniva to Represent Armenia at Eurovision 2024 Ladaniva to Represent Armenia at Eurovision 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that Ladaniva has been internally selected to represent Armenia at Eurovision 2024! Ladaniva, comprised of Armenian vocalist Jaklin Baghdasaryan and French multi-instrumentalist Louis Thomas, embodies a vibrant blend of Armenian folk with global musical influences. From traditional Balkan melodies to the rhythms of maloya, jazz, and reggae, their songs transcend borders, blending traditional Armenian tunes with inspirations drawn from their extensive travels across Latin America, Africa, and Reunion Island. Ladaniva’s music is a reflection of their diverse backgrounds and insatiable curiosity for world cultures. The name “Ladaniva” has been inspired by an off-road retro car brand, symbolizing the band’s adventurous spirit and their journey through different cultures and traditions. Jaklin and Louis accidentally found out that both of their dads owned the same car while living in Armenia and France, and, voilà, – the band name. As Jaklin explains, “Lada Niva is a car that goes anywhere and climbs undiscovered heights, just like we do in our band. We’re excited for this opportunity and ready to spice up Eurovision 2024 with our musical diversity.” Executive Director of AMPTV, Hovhannes Movsisyan says that “Ladaniva will bring their colourful and contagious energy to Eurovision. Being both a musical and artistic ethnic mix, Armenia’s entry is going to inspire cultural bridges.”

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