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18 Mayıs 2024 - Հակական տոմար - Տարի : 4516 / Ամիս : Մարերի / Օր : Մասիս / Ժամ : Մթացեալ

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05 Nisan 2024  

Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Disisleri Bakanligi -

Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Disisleri Bakanligi Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Regarding the Trilateral Meeting Between Armenia, the USA and the EU to be Held in Brussels on 5 April 2024

No: 55. 4 April 2024

A historic opportunity for lasting peace and stability in the region has emerged as a result of Azerbaijan's liberation of its occupied territories after the Second Karabakh War, and the restoration of its sovereignty over all its territories through the anti-terrorist operation in Karabakh on 19-20 September 2023.

At a time when the success of this historic opportunity is so close, it is even more important that third parties, especially actors from outside the region, adopt a fair and impartial approach to the process and carefully avoid any harm to it.

In this context, it is our responsibility to underline clearly that the trilateral meeting between Armenia, the EU and the USA on 5 April will undermine the neutral approach that should be the basis for the solution of the complex problems of the region.

This initiative, which excludes Azerbaijan, will pave the way for the South Caucasus to become an area of geopolitical confrontation, rather than serving peace.

We reiterate our call to third countries to take into account the parameters of the region and to approach the parties to the conflict from a position of equal distance.

We firmly believe that the South Caucasus will thrive and achieve the regional prosperity it deserves, on the basis of lasting peace and stability.

As ever, Türkiye will continue to assume its responsibilities in this regard and to encourage the use of this historic window of opportunity for lasting peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

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