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02 Kasım 2020  

Two Armenians elected to Georgian parliament -

Two Armenians elected to Georgian parliament Two Armenians elected to Georgian parliament

The preliminary results of Georgia's parliamentary elections released on Sunday by the country's Central Election Commission confirmed the election of two Armenians to the country’s parliament, reported Jnews portal. Both candidates represent the ruling party - Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia.

According to the source, Samvel Manukyan from Akhalkalaki-Ninosminda district received the most votes through a majoritarian system, leaving behind eight candidates. Sumbat Kyureghyan was elected to parliament proportional party list of the ruling party.

To sum up, the ruling Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia secured 48% of votes at parliamentary polls. The party secured 61 mandates, according to preliminary data, gaining the right to unilaterally form the future government. Apart for that, the Georgian Dream candidates are winning the majoritarian race in the first round of elections in 14 of 30 majoritarian constituencies.

The opposition bloc Strength is in Unity - United Opposition, which also comprises the United National Movement founded by ex-president Mihail Saakashvili, garnered 26.35%

A total of nine parties have overcome the election threshold and will be represented in the parliament.

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